How to Write A Good Hook Sentence in College Assignments? Learn with Examples

Hook Sentence
Are you looking for a way to have the words of your assignment jump out of it and compel the readers to read them? If yes, then it is high time to learn about the use of hook sentences in your college assignments. A hook sentence is a sentence that usually comes at the start of an assignment, i.e., in the introduction paragraph. It aims at binding the readers to the text of the assignment and compels them to read the assignment till the end.

Do you know how to write a good hook sentence? Probably not, because most students do not pay attention to it. Considering this, in today’s post, I am going to talk about writing good hook sentences in your college assignments. There will be a description of all the strategies you need to employ to formulate such a sentence. The definition, examples, and types of this sentence will also be part of today’s article. So, let’s start with the definition.

What Exactly Is Meant By A Hook Sentence?

A hook is a short piece of information included at the very start of an assignment and is aimed at grabbing the attention of the assignment reader. Usually, the length of a hook sentence does not exceed 1 to 2 sentences. However, it should be so much interesting, compelling, and intriguing that the reader should naturally attract to your assignment. You may use a hook from any source. The only thing that you must keep in mind is that it should be interesting and relevant to the topic. 

For example, the hook of a climate change assignment can be, “We are near to drowning in the deep oceans as global sea levels have risen eight inches over the last century. Do you know what has caused it?”

Types Of Hooks You Can Use In College Assignment

Different types of hooks are in use these days. It is important to note that all types of hook sentences serve one purpose: hook the reader till the last sentence. Hence, below are different types of hook sentences:
  • Question hook. In this hook, you ask your audience an interesting question that tempts them to go through the whole assignment.
  • Statistics hook. Academic assignments are all about knowledge. So, if your assignment is about economics or English literature, you can use a fact about such sites as a hook.
  • Anecdotal hook. Who does not like a bit of an interesting story at the start of the assignment? Yes, everyone does. So, you can add a story or humour at the start to work it as a hook sentence.

So, these are some of the types of hook sentences that you can exercise in your college assignments. However, if you still have any ambiguity in using them, you can hire cheap assignment writing services to get your assignment done by an expert.

Tips For Writing A Good Hook Sentence In College Assignments

After reading the information above, you have a good idea of hook sentences in college assignments. So, now, it is time to move forward and discuss how to write a good hook that can pique the interest of your readers. Hence, a brief description of all the tips is as follows:

1. Keep The Literary Work Type In Mind

This is the most basic thing that you should know about developing a hook sentence. An effective hook is not only about attracting the readers; it is also about its relevance to the main topic of discussion. A hook for a romantic and love scene is totally different from a hook for a college assignment on the topic of climate change. Therefore, as a writer, you must know what type of literary work you are writing and what could be the most relevant hook.

2. Decide On The Purpose Of Your Hook

The next step asks you to decide on the purpose of your hook sentence. What does it mean by the word “purpose” here? It means what you want your audience to feel after reading the hook. Do you want them to feel intrigued about the topic or shocked? Do you want them to feel more interested in the topic or surprised? Decide on what effect you want on your audience. Once you are done with this, then proceed to develop your hook.

3. Understand The Audience

The audience of the college assignment also plays an important role in the formulation of a hook. You must develop it by understanding your audience first. It is necessary because the literary audience wants something literary as a hook. They do not want to see love or something poetic in your assignment as a hook. Therefore, understanding the audience is a must for you.

4. Keep It Short

The length of a hook sentence is really a short one. It does not expand over a paragraph. Usually, the length of such a sentence is no more than 1 or 2 sentences. The benefit of keeping the hook short is that it readily captures the reader emotionally and compels him to read the content of the assignment until the end. Even before thinking about whether they want to read it or not, you must add the hook and throw it before the readers. Doing so will not give them a chance to skip the assignment and move to another one to gain knowledge.

5. Write It At The End Of The Writing Process

Despite the fact that you should place your hook at the start of the assignment, it does not mean that you should write it first. Writing an assignment is a long and creative process, so if you cannot think of a creative hook at the start of it, no problem. Just keep writing according to your set plan and write the hook sentence at the end of the writing process. Double-check your hook if you write it at the end for relevancy issues.


All of the information given above can fulfil the needs of a hook sentence. Now, you should create an interesting sentence to hook your reader using any type of hook. You may ask a question, use a fact, or give a detailed description. Whatever you do, the length should not exceed 1 to 2 sentences, as described in the tips above. Hence, go through all the tips and formulate an intriguing and catchy hook.

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